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(2013/11/18 - 2014/12/22, 282 images)


2013 年 11 月 18 日、福島第一原発 4 号機において燃料棒取り出し作業が始まる。




携帯電話を使用し同時刻に撮られたもので、1 枚は東京電力のライブカメラから引用する。

右奥の大きな建物が「潰れた箱」にあたる 4 号機である。

内部の燃料棒、つまり「タバコ」は、累計で広島原爆 14,000 発分のセシウム 137 を含むと言われている。


​時間はよく流れると言うけれど、こんな状況下にある時くらい、1 日 1 日を数えたいと思う。

これは、1 回 1 回の鼓動を聞くのに似ている。



Today, Nov 18th, 2013, removing the fuel rods from unit 4 of the Fukushima No.1 nuclear power plant starts.

It's expressed, 'like to trying to pull cigarettes from a crushed pack'

During this operation, I post a pair of photographs* which were taken with my mobile at the same time and one is from live camera by TEPCO.

Unit 4, 'a crushed pack' is located on the right.

Inside, fuel rods, 'cigarettes', are said to contain Cesium 137, a kind of radionuclides, as mush as 14,000 Hiroshima bomb.

Even if the parties concerned and politicians play innocent and TV forces to smile, I have no choice but to share the fate of this building.

We often say that time is flowing, but I want to count each day in the situation like this. 

It's the same way as listening to each heartbeat.

As if we never know if a heart will beat next with the same timing and strength and when it will end, we know nothing about tomorrow.

Thinking so, 'now' becomes tense and I want to be honest.   

​* It was on SNS but is closed now, so have a look excerpted images.

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