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Born and grew up in Fukushima, Japan. Studied photography in UK and entered University of the Ryukyus which is well known for radiation biology responding to the nuclear accident. Graduated with a Ph.D. and currently a postdoctoral researcher. The research achievement is published as the article, but I want to tell the story which isn’t written in there through photographs. Then, in this time period when uneasiness and suspicion have become apparent, I want to create something believable. To do so, I need to be honest to myself. For someone from a northern country, like me, pineapples and flying foxes are very exciting just because they bear fruit on top of the scape and fly around in the night sky. On the other hand, there are pains such as the Battle of Okinawa and the military base issue. I will look at my everyday life and put my heart into these pains through my art works.

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